Dr Simon Duffy - Keynote presentation Thursday 19 May

Simon Duffy Keynote 1

Dr Simon Duffy, Director, Centre for Welfare Reform (UK)

Being a true equal: Citizenship, contribution and mutual support under the modern welfare state.

Simon explored what it means to be a true equal and what this means for how we think about mental health and the organisation of support. The modern welfare state, particularly health and social care, has become a vast empire of services. But there are good reasons to think that this empire does not serve us well, and in particular that people with mental health problems are being held back by old ideas and old systems. But we will not make progress by trying to convert patients into consumers. Progress will only come from treating each other as citizens, recognising our gifts and our ability to contribute and support each other.


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Croakey news who covered the conference for its health news website, interviewed Simon, you can watch the video on our youtube channel.

 Simon Duffy Croakey interview 2


During conference Simon discussed NDIS readiness on Radio National's Life Matters program. This interview is available as a podcast on the RN website.



Mark Salzer Ph.D - Keynote presentation Friday 20 May

 Mark Salzer Keynote 7


Mark Salzer, Ph.D., Professor and chair of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Temple University (USA).

A life in the community like everyone else: Evidence and innovation

In his keynote address Mark contends that community inclusion and participation are key to health, recovery, and wellness, yet is severely limited.  Promoting innovation in self-determination, authentic peer support, technology and addressing environmental barriers to inclusion, Mark will discuss how community inclusion requires 'seeing the person,' not 'the patient'.




Croakey news who covered the conference for its health news website, recorded an interview between Mark Salzer and conference MC Peter Mares you can watch the video on our youtube channel.

 Mark Salzer Peter Mares 2