#TowardsRecovery Conference live tweet

Tweets with the #TowardsRecovery hashtag were seen 8,296,952 times

@bedrocksocialco - Crackingly-good#TowardsRecoveryconference. Well done @MsKKoop& @VICSERV team.

This year VICSERV worked with Croakey, which provides in-depth online health journalism, to support the communications around conference.

They led the conference live tweet, using hashtag #TowardsRecovery which led to 495 participants, both at conference and beyond, creating 2,248 tweets - meaning tweets with the #TowardsRecovery hashtag being seen 8,296,952 times.

Croakey interviewed our keynote speakers and a number of other conference participants as well as writing a number of newspieces on conference.

All Croakey content is available at the #TowardsRecovery page on their website.

Here's a bit of a taster

12 Duffy Simon Keynote 3

@JackieVanVugt: Citizenship = everything it means to be a true equal says Dr Simon Duffy #TowardsRecovery


12 Bean bags

@lisafelmingham: @VICSERV #TowardsRecovery#chillinginabeanbagduring the morning tea break. Nice touch VicServ. A bag for home may be in order.


12 Salzer Mark Keynote 7

@MaryJSayers: Seeing the person and not the diagnosis is the key to community inclusion#TowardsRecoveryhttps://t.co/iyG4PNXoo

@MarieMcInnery: Community inclusion is not just a nice idea, it’s a rights issue for people living with mental health issues:@CI_Salzer #TowardsRecovery


12 Peers

@simonjduffy:  Peer Power People with mental health transforming lives & community#TowardsRecovery 

@mariemcinerney: ‘If can get peer (workforce) hubs together we can be a really strong force in prevention as well as recovery’#TowardsRecovery


12 Peter Mares 11

@wepublichealth: MC Peter Mares multi-tasking like a boss as he encourages #TowardsRecovery delegates to take and tweet a selfie with a message of hope.


12 TowardsRecovery 3      12 TowardsRecovery 6


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